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After years and years of procrastinating I’ve finally done it and set up a dedicated WP for my art.

You can find it at

From now on I will only use this site for blog-entries.

Come See My Art: Fortress Europe at Guck mal, Kriens, Kunst

The festival Guck mal Kriens, Kunst will be the premiere of my installation “Fortress Europe: The Grass is always Greener on the Other Side.”

Installation Model of "Fortress Europe. The grass is always greener on the other side" at Teiggi 2.0

Installation Model of “Fortress Europe. The grass is always greener on the other side” at Teiggi 2.0

The installation is a border wall built from six billion Euros in shredded Euro-Notes, which is equivalent to the amount the EU-Turkey statement, 18 March 2016 to keep refugees from entering the European Union.

Fortress Europe Wall_2

The festival opens this Saturday, June 25th and takes place at Kunstraum Teiggi 2.0 in Kriens (Lucerne), CH. The exhibition lasts until July 3rd.

For the complete program and opening hours see Günthers Website.

I will be at the exhibition for the Vernissage and Finissage. Come by for a chat, obtain enough Euroconfetti to buy access to Schengen and enjoy the festival. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Follow Robinism on Instagram for updates and images of the installation.

Fortress Europe

Installation Model of “Fortress Europe. The grass is always greener on the other side” at Teiggi 2.0

Lots of thanks to the team of “Guck Mal Günther” for inviting me, to Plakatsammlung Basel for the gracious donation of Plexiglass, to Deutsche Bundesbank Freiburg for a lot of Euroconfetti and to all the people who helped grate money-pellets and build the border:

grating money for Fortress Europe

Grating Money at Teiggi for Fortress Europe.


Re-Post: Grexit Mail

Over three years ago I posted photos of a postcard I sent my friend Andreas in Athens, preparing for Grexit before it was called Grexit.

The crisis has worsened, Troika insists on austerity for Greece although austerity without a haircut has never worked, Twitter is buzzing with #thisisacoup .

The postcard was originally sent in January 2012.

So it seemed appropriate to re-post “Greek Financial Crisis: “Just in case…””:

 A couple of months ago I moved back into my appartment. When I was unpacking boxes I found a little tin can full of old currencies. Amongst them three pieces of 10 drachmae.

Just in case bailing out Greece fails, I sent them to my friend Andreas in Athens:

Postcard to Andreas in Athens, Greece, Front: Just in case...

Three old 10 Drachmae Coins sent to Greece in case the country defaults and leaves the Eurozone.Postcard to Andreas in Athens, Greece, Back: Just in case...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s 70th birthday.

I have sent him 71 postcards:

70 Candle-Postcards.

70 Candle-Postcards.

70 candles and one cake. The cake is actually posted as a heavy letter.

Cake Letter

Cake Letter

The 70 candles all weigh less than 20g each, so technically, they could be considered as a letter, but the maximum weight of postcards according to Deutsche Post is not a specific weight, but a weight per square measure and a maximum size: Maximum sizes are 12.5 * 23.5 cm (where the length has to be 1.4 x the width) and a maximum weight of 500g/sm .

The problem, though is that the candles are not rectangular. Technically, the Post could return the candles to me asking for an additional fee (Nachentgelt), but I didnt put a return address on them. Or they could just deliver them and ask the recipient to cough up an extra 76 or 96 cents. The exact amount of Nachentgelt charges for specific irregulatities eludes me. The fun fact is, that it the actual charging of Nachentgelt from recipients seems random. Apparently, Deutsche Post does not monitor, whether it is actually collected by mail delivery staff. My experience is that the less urban the recipient lives (e.g. the less floors the mailWOman has to walk up to actually levy the fee), the more likely it is that they will try to do so.

On a previous occasion when I sent my dad non-rectangular mail, he was charges 76 cents:

Swiss Air teaspoon as postcard

Swiss Air teaspoon as postcard

The blue “76” in the top right corner means that someone in the mail sorting facility decided that the mail delivery person might want to consider levying 76 cents fee for non-rectangular mail. The recipient, of course, could refuse to receive and therefore, pay.

I sent the 70 candles over the course of 48 hrs from about 10 different mail boxes all over Freiburg. I wonder how many will make it.

Come see my art: Netzreflexion/Selbstkonstruktion Nov 29 – Dez 12

I was invited by Art van Demon to show my piece “Re-Gram” at their upcoming exhibition Netzreflexion/Selbstkonstruktion. The show opens on the occasion of the 87. Congress of Students of Art History.

Bild: Isabella Daroch & Fabienne Crlje

Bild: Isabella Daroch & Fabienne Crlje

The theme of the exhibition is the search for meaning and identity in an interconnected world. It wants to touch on the themes of public vs private, real vs fiction, individual vs society. I am excited to see what the other artists will be showing there.

I will be showing another iteration of my Re-Gram piece. I have printed the last couple of months of my Instagram-feed and will let visitors interact with it in real life. Those interactions may then be photographed and re-instagrammed, creating a feedback loop of on- and offline interactions and recontextualizations.

Installation view if Re-Gram at Popps Packing, August 2014

Installation view if Re-Gram at Popps Packing, August 2014

But come play for yourself:

The opening of Netzreflexion/Selbstkonstruktion on

Saturday, Nov. 29th, 8pm
At Dezernat 16, Emil-Maier-Strasse 16, 69115 Heidelberg.

There will be a party afterwards. The whole programme is here (PDF, German only).

The art society GEDOK Heidelberg will be opening an exibition at Dezernat16 the same night.

If you cant make it to Heidelberg, follow me on Instagram and keep looking for #netzreflexion to see how Re-Gram developing.

Here’s two more images from the last iteration Re-Gram at Popps Packing:

Re-Gram, Popps Packing Re-Gram, Popps Packing

PS: I <3 that Netzreflexion/Selbstkonstruktion is partially funded by StuRa Heidelberg.

Come buy my art: Postkartenfestival in Basel

I will be in Basel at the Postkartenfestival, selling some freshly made postcards, along 150 artists. Amongst them are Dessi, Thomaso, Frida and Lucy.

It’s a one day thing, opening is at noon on Sat, Nov. 1st. It is at Unternehmen Mitte in Basel.


Come see my art tonite: The Last Record Shop at Public Pool in Hamtramck

To all my friends and followers in Detroit and Hamtramck, Public Pool is opening their show “The Last Record Shop” tonite, Sept. 6th at 7pm. The exhibition will be open Sept. 7th thru Oct. 18th.

The Last Record Shop is a show for which different artist designed record covers of imaginary bands and songtitles. My band is called Lorem Ipsum and has its roots in the Monolog-Project which I will be showing at Guck mal, Guenther in Switzerland in two weeks.

Watch out for the Sonic Stroker, the dude is amazing. Maybe he will even manage to get his website runing in time. Then again, he’s the Dude.

Poster for The Last Record Shop at Public Pool

Come see my art – Guck mal, Guenther, Kunst – Lenzburg, CH

Several of the videos from my Monolog – Series will be shown at the amazing young arts festival Guck mal Guenther, Kunst in Lenzburg, CH, Sept. 20 – 28.

Video Still from "Monolog"

Video Still from “Monolog”

Guenther is currently doing a fundraising campaign at Please contribute some money to a festival that is amazing and runs on basically zero funding. Forward me your receipt to info[at] and depending on the amount you donated I might send you sth:)

Like Guenthers Facebook page for updates.

Like this Facebook page for Guenthers Performance Program.

And don’t forget to donate some money to Guenther. In case you forgot, here is the link again: Guenthers Fundraising Campaign.

Come see my Art – Burnout in Zurich

I will be doing a money-laundering performance on Saturday, Sept. 6th at Museum Baerengasse in Zurich. I will start at 7pm and be doing it all evening.

I will be turning your money into black money (Schwarzgeld) for you to freely use. You will also have the opportunity to apply for black money accounts with several Zurich-based banks.

Please come by and bring your own money to launder/bank.

launderung money

Below is the English invitation:

Burnout Motel Flyer



The exhibition focuses on the sense/nonsense, functioning/failure of power structures and systems such as the financial system, the performance-oriented society and the art market mechanism. The idea originated from the encounter with the surroundings and the history of the Museum Bärengasse, which is located in the middle of Zurich’s financial district and galleries’ quarter. Only recently the plans to convert the building into a money museum were abandoned. The artists deal with themes such as the market crash in 2008 (Julia Bornefeld), the endemic disease of burnout (Carlo Speranza), the money laundering and black money scandals at financial institutes (Robin Gommel) and the art market’s narrow bottleneck that allows only a handful artists to achieve commercial success (Elena Habicher). Despite the artworks attempt to address the surrounding, the questions focus on how the context influences their meaning. Within the frame of an art museum the headless man wearing a suit by Bornefeld and the money laundry by Gommel might recall the horrendous prices paid for art at auctions as well as the sharp correction of the overheated art market in 2008. The installation by Speranza might remind of how top mangers ended up in burnouts, however, showcased in the context of a museum, this might also make one think of the people working in the cultural field on a self-exploitive level. The visitor himself or herself is eventually given the last contextual dimension, from his and her knowledge and associations, thus the question must be answered individually of what the meaning is actually created by.

OPENING: 6 SEPTEMBER 2014, 19:00 H

FINISSAGE: 20 SEPTEMBER 2014, 13:00 – 15:00 H



SAMSTAG 11:00 – 16:00 H




Go see: Realismus im Surrealismus

My friend Marit Dahlstrøm will be showing her amazing dystopian surrealist paintings together with paintings by Emsari Gorgasali at Artraum Freiburg, Hildastr. 17.

The opening will be on Monday, Nov. 18th at 6pm. 

See you there.

Invitation Realismus im Surrealismus Marit Dahlstrom realismus_im_surrealismus_marit_dahlstrom_front