Powell endorses Obama

i almost feel pity for mccain. his friend and former adviser on foreign policy, the former secretary of state (under w.) and (not to be forgot) liar to the UN about Iraq, Colin Powell endorsed Obama this morning. Another step towards the lesser evil, as Sarina would say. But besides the obvious (discrediting McCain for undecided voters), what does he intend be doing so. Is he trying to clear the way for himself to become secretary of state once again, or another high office in the new administration? Wouldnt he have gotten one anyhow if McCain had won?
What will white trash plumber Jack (or was it John?) think of the formerly highest ranking black politician in the US endorsing the first black candidate running for president, across party lines even?? And who’s next? Arni? Speculating on becoming secretary for, lets say, climate change?

see the endorsement at MSNBC
read more at Spiegel online, NY Times


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