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What do I think of when I talk of subscriptions. Subscriptions are whatever services or goods people pay for to be receiving at regular intervals. Lets start with the obvious ones, the ones we are so used to we don’t even consider to be a subscription anymore. Like water, electricity, trash, phone and Internet, continuing to cell phones, newspapers and magazines. Maybe to be continued.

Mostly, I am a big fan of subscriptions (and flatrates). They make expenses calcuable, relieve me of routine decisions (take the bike or the tram when its raining), don’t force me to think about phone costs. I do wish I cold afford (and then have the time to really use) a BahnCard100 (flat rate on all German Trains for a year). Besides the practical effects there is the nice side-effect that they mostly make things cheaper anyhow (… because one consumes more).

But there are totally superfluous subscriptions as well. I recently discovered which offers a weekly subscription of toilet paper to be delivered by mail.
I am not so sure whether this is a hoax (the “joke of the day feature implies, and the lack of choice of different kinds, amounts and colours of toilet paper) or it is serious but start-up.

I wonder how many subscription requests they get.
They again link to another site offering SOCKSCRIPTIONS, implying that then one d never have to wash (and sort!) socks again.

Once one gets used to subscription, it is hard to let go again, isnt it? Getting used to wifi at home and then becoming a wifi-roamer for a while only being able to surf in cafes or in class really is annoying. As is never to be able to reach people who successfully refuse to subdue to the obligatory cell phone. I bow to these few persons, but I couldnt do it.


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