Turkey blocked blog.

I just read here that Turkey has blocked all access to blogspot.com, hence this blog as well. The reason is sports. Somewhat. Some blogs had been linking to streaming sites with turk soccer matches, and the Pay-TV-Provider Digitürk was not amused.

So, whole sites can be blocked for linking to other sites. When will google be blocked for linking to just about everywhere in the world?

other, better, news:
global market share of IE is about 70%, Firefoxes’ is 20 %, Chromes only about 0,4%.
totally different is the data for access to servers of the domain .uni-freiburg.de:
Firefox: 53%
IE 35,5 %
Safari 6,2%
and others
chrome not listed

if i read the statistics correctly, more hits come from US-servers than from German servers which starts confusing me in questioning where firefox is more relevasnt geographicalls. surely, in the milieu of academia, firefox is more prevalent then elswhere, but besides that (i am too lazy to research this further)


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