Irene, the Aftermath I: Quick update

Irene has passed. Nothing happened here. A couple of downed trees. Lots of water. I basically slept through the whole storm. By 6am yesterday, the power had gone down and hasn’t come back yet. In Europe, I have never (!)experienced a power outager that long. Dear American power companies: How about putting powerlines underground at least in Hurricane-prone areas? Half the state is without power, apparently 1 million New Yorkers do not have power either.

Since I do not have US-simcards for my smartphones (another long rant some other day), I was basically completely offline. We spent yesterday afternoon driving around mostly deserted roads, with the occasional downed tree or powerline blocking it. There was mostly no wind whatsoever. Only little rain. I’ll be blogging photos later. Nothing all that spectacular though.

We still don’t have power in Centerbrook, but Main Street in Old Saybrook is back on the grid. We’ve been camping out at Starbucks for about two hours now, recharging batteries on all kinds of devices. People are standing in line out to the curb and have been doing so since the store opened. Starbucks is packed with people recharging iPhones and Laptops, having their first coffee since Saturday.

Now that more or less everything is charged, we will pack up and drive East, out of disaster struck Connecticut to Rhode Island, go sightseeing. Hoping that power and hot water will be working when we get back into town.

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