Butter for Norway!

On Dec. 13th I stumbled upon an article on NPR’s  Planet Money  (one of my favorite Podcasts) reporting that Norway had run out of butter.

This sounded all too crazy to be true. Had it been April, I would’ve dismissed the whole thing as a nice Fools Day hoax. But searching around, I found a whole bunch of other media reporting the same story.

I had previously toyed with dry ice and with sending dry ice packaged things via domestic mail, so I decided to send one pack of butter (In Germany usually packaged in blocks of 250g) to Norway. Since I do’t know anybody in Norway I decided to send it to the Ministry of Trade (in retrospect I should have sent to to the Ministry of Agriculture…).

Unfortunately DHL told me that dry ice is considered a dangerous substance and shipping it through customs would be outrageously expensive and nearly impossible. Therefore I used cooling blocks, which Christian donated to me (Thanx again!).

The butter was shipped Dec 21st. I haven’t heard back from the Ministry yet.

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I guess Daniele is going to complain again about packaging mail art, but I think molten butter would have been too disgusting for the poor mail carriers in between. I would have tried that with frozen butter on expedited domestic shipping, but not in international mail guaranteed to get stuck in customs.


5 responses to “Butter for Norway!

  1. For Butter it’s OK. But nothing special with it – when I got cheese from a cheese-dealer it was the same package delivered by UPS, even though there is “cool” delivery by TNT too…

    • oh thanx;-)
      well, I know, but afaik TNT only does business-mail;-(
      At the Uniklinik people get dry iced mail all the time. That’s where I got the styrofoam box. And the dry ice last time I had some.

  2. That is just too cool. I doubt they will appreciate the gesture though.
    Here from sendsomething.net

    • nope, sorry. That one to Norway already cost me 17€. DHL International is just a lot more expensive than USPS is. Thats why the one that’s posted on bentspoon was postmarked in Austin. I sent a bunch of cards in bulk to Autin to have them shipped individually from there because otherwise it would have been 5 € a piece. But send me something nice to my P.O. Box and I ll return the favor with something smaller than a pack of butter on dry ice;-)

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