Airmail Bunny

About to weeks ago on my way to work I discovered an unsual passenger in a bike basket in the bike parking lot of the Center for Neuroscience in Freiburg:

A (presumable) papier mâché bunny covered in air mail envelopes and stickers. “Kunst öffnet die Augen” (Art opens the eyes) was written on the bikes’ saddle:

Air Mail Bunny at Neurozentrum Freiburg


"Kunst öffnet die Augen" and my note.

I loved it, but I’m a sucker for those little badges they have in museums giving details about the artwork. Which there wasn’t. So I left a note with all kinds of questions on it,  my domain and my email address.

That same day I received an email from the artist (I forgot to ask whether I’m allowed to mention her name, so for the time being I won’t) telling me that she was not going to answer my questions but that I was free to blog about the bunny. And that she liked my blog;-) She also wrote that the bunny was going to change from time to time.

A couple of days later a couple of GDR stamps and two eggs had been added to the bunny. The artist then told me I should write my address on the bunny and she’d ship it to me. After that, other people started writing stuff on the saddle, but not on the bunny itself. I hope nobody got the idea that it was my art. I love the bunny, but I don’t want to take credit for other peoples’ work.

The week after, all that remained was the bike and the eggs:

All that remained on Jan. 18th were the bike and the eggs.

I had kept contact with the artist and she had been telling me the usual tales of trying to ship non-rectangular big things by mail. Apparently, she tried the regular postoffice, the Packstation, some hinterland-postoffice up in the Black Forest, but in the end I guess she compromised, because shortly after I received a note telling me that I had mail which I had to come pick up at my local post office.

I went there yesterday and to the great amusement of everybody present one of the workers produced, with a huge grin on his face, this:

Airmail Bunny, imprisoned

Back of the Airmail Bunnys cage;-)

THANK YOU! I love it! It lives in our living room now. Still caged, though. I like the cage;-)


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