Damaged by water

During the cold spell in February, my appartment in Freiburg suffered not one, but two burst water pipes. The first when everything froze, the second (less severe one) when the frozen pipes thawed.

During the first, the firefighters spent a couple hours in our appartment vaccuuming water, trying to prevent it from spreading into too many other appartments. The result: 4 other appartments were damaged. Ours so much that basically all the parquet flooring had to be replaced and a couple of ceilings redone. We had to vacate the appartment for three months.

During the first incident, part of the decades old plaster ceiling in my roomates room just came down. After we had evacuated as much stuff as possible from the affected room and while the firefighters were busy vacuuming water, I started taking pictures of it all. The plaster and those pictures eventually became a series of nine different postcards which were sent to about thirty different people (if you’re one of them and havent told me yet that you have received it, plese drop me a line, as always, because I’m going to file lost mail inquiries with Deutsche Post soon.)

The title for the series is borrowed from an Artists Book by the Danish group A Kassen: Damaged by water, financed by insurance, a copy of which they gave me when I was their stand in for Concrete Floor (see below) at Liste Basel.

When you’re checking out A Kassen’s site, go take a look at the projects. My favorites:  Mail (of course), Drip (white wine!) and Concrete Floor.

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