Art Week in Basel: Schaulager Satellite and Herzog & deMeuron construction

Architecture aficionados will find the Messeplatz of this weeks Art Basel to be a special treat. Walking from Downtown Basel towards Messe they will see a new, somewhat organic-looking shape crossing what used to be the open Messeplatz underneath the Messeturm:

It is the new Messe add-on by Basels most prestigious architecture firm Herzog & deMeuron. It is still under construction, but already looking amazing.
Crossing underneath it onto the still open part of Messeplatz, they will see another Herzog & deMeuron construction, Schaulagers temporary ‘Satellite’, which shows off some pieces of Schaulagers amazing collection of contemporary art and videos about the concept and history of Schaulager, which are really interesting.
I have blogged a picture of this a couple days ago, but here is another one from above, taken from the 30th floor of Messeturm:


One response to “Art Week in Basel: Schaulager Satellite and Herzog & deMeuron construction

  1. Reblogged this on I Rez Therefore I Am and commented:
    BASEL, 16 June — As if all the dOCUMENTA (13) action in Kassel weren’t enough, it’s also Art 43 Basel this weekend! Whereas Documenta is 100 days once every 5 years, Basel is 4 days every year. (there are also sattelites: Art Basel Miami Beach in December and Art Basel Hong Kong in May)

    In this post Robin takes us on an architecture tour of Art Basel.

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