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malá výstava – a little show in brno, cz

břeťa vomočil, terez kalábová, lukáš schejbal, peťa polášková, martin půček, pavel vech, nelleke kruijmer (NL), honza bleha, míra zítko, eunika munágová (SK), Kdy: čt 23. května v 18 Kde: v Lužánkách Kdyby pršelo: ve sklepích mendlák nebo v bb  Pověsíme to na provázky kolíčkama.

Banner (c) Terez Kalábová, individual images by the individual artists

This Thursday, May 23rd at 6pm at
Park Lužánky, Brno, CZ (copy/paste 49°12'50.618"N, 16°36'29.518"E into a map service of your choice)

A little one-nite only photo exhibition will take place. Organized by Terez Kalábová, Břeťa Vomočil, Lukáš Schejbal, Peťa Polášková, Martin Půček, Pavel Vech, Nelleke Kruijmer (NL), Honza Bleha, Míra Zítko, Eunika Muntágová (SK) and myself (DE) (all CZ if not mentioned otherwise) will be showing between one to six photographies each. Terez writes:

Some pictures are home made in bathroom-style dark room (Martin Půček and Lukáš Schejbal), some people are using old cameras: me, Lukáš and Martin have Flexaret/Yashica, Eunika and Honza are using Lomo, Břéťa is combining digital and old style camera, Peťa, Pavel, Míra and Nelleke are having some digital stuff [Robin too]. Míra is also used to paint as well as I do. Nelleke has [an] incredibly terrible camera but her photos are amazing.

Originally, the exhibition was supposed to take place in an old factory, but the developer was to fast and it is guarded now. I am excited to be showing one picture there. I wish I could come to Brno myself and see the installation on clotheslines. Fortunately, I think, enough photographers will be there to document;-)

Art Week in Basel: Schaulager Satellite and Herzog & deMeuron construction

Architecture aficionados will find the Messeplatz of this weeks Art Basel to be a special treat. Walking from Downtown Basel towards Messe they will see a new, somewhat organic-looking shape crossing what used to be the open Messeplatz underneath the Messeturm:

It is the new Messe add-on by Basels most prestigious architecture firm Herzog & deMeuron. It is still under construction, but already looking amazing.
Crossing underneath it onto the still open part of Messeplatz, they will see another Herzog & deMeuron construction, Schaulagers temporary ‘Satellite’, which shows off some pieces of Schaulagers amazing collection of contemporary art and videos about the concept and history of Schaulager, which are really interesting.
I have blogged a picture of this a couple days ago, but here is another one from above, taken from the 30th floor of Messeturm:


Art Week in Basel: Volta

I went back to Volta today and Ana Cristea told me to go look for a certain booth. Said booth belonged to H.Art gallery from Rumania. The gallerists and their art was gone. All that was left was the following writing on the wall:


Snapshot from Liste Basel

Found in one of the mens’ bathrooms of Warteck P.P., where LISTE 17 – The Young Art Fair takes place this week.


The Art Week in Basel starts today.

Here is a snapshot I took at Warteck P.P. where Liste – the Young Art Fair will be opening this afternoon:

Occupy: … yourself

found this sign about 300 feet from the five people that were “Occupy NoHo” in Northampton, MA

I wonder whether it is intentional or not. When I walked by it again 2 hours later, “occupy yourself” was gone…

The people occupying NoHo chose their location, Polaksi Park, well: It is right on Main St. and the park (as opposed to Zucotty Park in NYC) has its own free Wifi for visitors.

Foto der Woche, oder so: Noch ein Nummernschild.

Oh I just love these license plates:

Postkarten aus den USA: Sue likes chocolate II

Since the Hanuta didn’t arrive, I tried actually packaging chocolate for Sue. And what better packaging for a Kinderriegel than a milk container?

This one actually did arrive. Well, also, the Hanuta had been sent from Old Saybrook to Centerbrook, whereas the Kinderriegel never left the Centerbrook Post Office until somebody from Centerbrook Architects came by to pick it up. Or is it actually a Post Office?

Postkarten aus den USA: Sue likes chocolate I

Sue likes choclate from Europe. Spontaneously I sent her a Hanuta. Apparently, USPS-staff do, too, because it never arrived. Well, it might have been the improvised labelling, too;-)

Postkarten aus den USA: One Cent is missing

Mollys Parents and her Granny are sending her lots of Postcards. Every time either one of us goes to the Post Office to check mail and she has gotten a new one, the nice clerk keeps reminding us, that postage for postcards is 29 Cents these days, not 28. And sells us another one Cent stamp, which he carefully sticks on the Postcard before he hands it over.

I love one Cent stamps. But that is another blog post. Anyway, I bought a couple of sheets of one Cent stamps (they had to order them first. Apparently nobody else ever buys a hundred of them at once;-) and made a Postcard for Molly’s Granny:

The USPS also sells so called Forever Stamps. They can still be used although postage for a specific product might have risen in the meantime. I still have some i bought in 2001 (I forgot how much i payed, though).