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Postkarten aus den USA: Sue likes chocolate II

Since the Hanuta didn’t arrive, I tried actually packaging chocolate for Sue. And what better packaging for a Kinderriegel than a milk container?

This one actually did arrive. Well, also, the Hanuta had been sent from Old Saybrook to Centerbrook, whereas the Kinderriegel never left the Centerbrook Post Office until somebody from Centerbrook Architects came by to pick it up. Or is it actually a Post Office?


Postkarten aus den USA: Sue likes chocolate I

Sue likes choclate from Europe. Spontaneously I sent her a Hanuta. Apparently, USPS-staff do, too, because it never arrived. Well, it might have been the improvised labelling, too;-)

Postkarten aus den USA: One Cent is missing

Mollys Parents and her Granny are sending her lots of Postcards. Every time either one of us goes to the Post Office to check mail and she has gotten a new one, the nice clerk keeps reminding us, that postage for postcards is 29 Cents these days, not 28. And sells us another one Cent stamp, which he carefully sticks on the Postcard before he hands it over.

I love one Cent stamps. But that is another blog post. Anyway, I bought a couple of sheets of one Cent stamps (they had to order them first. Apparently nobody else ever buys a hundred of them at once;-) and made a Postcard for Molly’s Granny:

The USPS also sells so called Forever Stamps. They can still be used although postage for a specific product might have risen in the meantime. I still have some i bought in 2001 (I forgot how much i payed, though).

Postkarten aus den USA: Pop.Musik, Pop.Secret, Popcorn

Vor über einen Jahr schickte mir Anna Mikrowellen-Pop.Musik per Post:

Beim Einkaufen in einem durchschnittlichen Supermarkt hier in Connecticut lief ich am Popcornregal vorbei und erinnerte mich an diese Postkarte und musste natürlich sofort die beiden absurdesten Sorten Postkartenpopkorn kaufen die es gab. Diejenige auf die sich die Anna nun freuen darf hat, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, angeblich “Blue Cheese” Aroma. Und die andere, naja, die wird erst verschickt wenn ich wieder in Deutschland bin. Das wäre zu teuer die von hier zu verschicken. Schon das Porto für die Pop.Secret Packungen war absurd hoch )Ich durfte es nicht als Brief verschicken;-(

Aber kein Wunder, denn in den letzten Tagen beschäftigten sich die amerikanischen Medien wieder einmal damit, dass die Post (USPS) pleite ist und Bailout braucht.

Hier also nun Mikrowellen-Pop.Secret Popcorn für Anna:

Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath V: No power. No Pump. No water.

The fifth day without power now. I am out of clean clothes. The ice in the fridge has all molten away. We have started throwing out all perishable food we hadn’t eaten/thrown away yet. Too bad, since just before the storm we had been shopping (e.g. ice cream) and since we’re also house sitting another place, we had two full-sized (American) fridges of stuff.

The house we’re currently staying at has the great advantage of a gas stove (and a pool! and a great view!!), so, hot meals and no more Starbucks coffee. The BIG disadvantage: water comes from a well. It is pumped up. Therefore, by now, we’re out of water. So, toilets remain unflushed. Dishes undone. We unshowered (I took the fitness studio on Old Saybrook up on their offer of free hot showers yesterday. They were really forthcoming and did not try not sign me up;-). We have a couple of jugs and we will be refilling them in the shelter soon. So, we’re not dying of thirst, no worries.

One of the disaster preparedness sites wrote in all seriousness, that we should stock up on bleach because it could be used to disinfect water. But I’d rather not try that.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about this area yesterday:

“… The quest for ice has proven to be critical. Mr. Lawrie bought 35 pounds of ice for $10 from a man selling bags to a line of people out of the back of his truck at parking lot of a restaurant of Old Saybrook”

We bought ice yesterday, too, but thats gone by now. At the package store where we bought the ice (and a sixpack), we found the following notices:

So, today we figured we might check the shelter out, and here we are. There is food, wifi (school Wifi, so Facebook and Hidemyass are blocked;-(), hot showers and a rescue dog. For unknown reasons.

The food is, well, what you would expect from a school canteen. But the people are all volunteers and really friendly.

Here are some more pictures:

Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath IV: Photos, finally, part two

Whereas in the first post today I uploaded images about the live without power in Connecticut, the following images are the few fallen trees,  downed power lines and flooded streets we encountered while driving around these last days.

Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath IV: Photos, finally, part one

We’re still without power. The ice in the freezer has melted away and our food is going bad. I could use some fresh laundry and a shower. Starbucks in Old Saybrook is online and as stuffed with people charging mobile Apple devices as usual. I do not like hanging out at Starbucks too much, so I’m just uploading a bunch of pictures now without editing them. The rumor is that power wont be back for at least another four days.

We moved to a house with a gas stove (and a pool!). At least we can cook now. It is a lot farther from this haven of connectivity, though, so it might be a while until I am back online.