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Postcards from Sweden

Two weeks ago I received two Postcards from Andreas in Sweden.

Thanks Andreas! Let me know your address and I’ll send you something in return!

IMG_2580 IMG_2581

Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath V: No power. No Pump. No water.

The fifth day without power now. I am out of clean clothes. The ice in the fridge has all molten away. We have started throwing out all perishable food we hadn’t eaten/thrown away yet. Too bad, since just before the storm we had been shopping (e.g. ice cream) and since we’re also house sitting another place, we had two full-sized (American) fridges of stuff.

The house we’re currently staying at has the great advantage of a gas stove (and a pool! and a great view!!), so, hot meals and no more Starbucks coffee. The BIG disadvantage: water comes from a well. It is pumped up. Therefore, by now, we’re out of water. So, toilets remain unflushed. Dishes undone. We unshowered (I took the fitness studio on Old Saybrook up on their offer of free hot showers yesterday. They were really forthcoming and did not try not sign me up;-). We have a couple of jugs and we will be refilling them in the shelter soon. So, we’re not dying of thirst, no worries.

One of the disaster preparedness sites wrote in all seriousness, that we should stock up on bleach because it could be used to disinfect water. But I’d rather not try that.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about this area yesterday:

“… The quest for ice has proven to be critical. Mr. Lawrie bought 35 pounds of ice for $10 from a man selling bags to a line of people out of the back of his truck at parking lot of a restaurant of Old Saybrook”

We bought ice yesterday, too, but thats gone by now. At the package store where we bought the ice (and a sixpack), we found the following notices:

So, today we figured we might check the shelter out, and here we are. There is food, wifi (school Wifi, so Facebook and Hidemyass are blocked;-(), hot showers and a rescue dog. For unknown reasons.

The food is, well, what you would expect from a school canteen. But the people are all volunteers and really friendly.

Here are some more pictures:

Irene, the Aftermath II

We’re still without power. Nice (or depressing?) map for Connectitut by Connecticut Light & Power here.

Right now we are in Newport, Rhode Island. Except for branches and leaves on the sidewalks, everything looks very normal here.

Apparently, Madisons Beach Club (Artikel) still exists, but the beach and the lawn are gone.

Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Seit drei Tagen redet/schreibt alles nur noch über Hurricane Irene (hier der Tracker der NYTimes). New York evakuiert 350.000 Menschen, Donnerstag Nacht wurde auch in Connecticut der Ausnahmezustand erklärt (ich muss noch rausfinden was genau das bedeutet;-), und die Medien sind voller Berichte über ausverkaufte Läden.

So wie es im Moment aussieht wird Irene genau über uns hinwegziehen. Ich hab noch nie einen Hurrican erlebt, bin aber bisher noch ganz relaxed. Wir gehen, wenn die Regierung sagt wir sollten vielleicht besser evakuieren, aber bis auf Weiteres bleiben wir erstmal in Centerbrook. Das Gebäude nebenan ist aus Backstein und stabil, sollte es also schlimm werden dann gehen wir einfach rüber. Mollys Harfe haben wir dort schon untergebracht. Ihre Wohnung hier hat nur billige Holzwände und viel zu viele Fenster.

Jetzt gehen wir erstmal einkaufen, Benzin, Essen, Taschenlampen, Wasserflaschen, vielleicht nen Gaskocher.

Wir planen auf jeden Fall für eine Weile ohne Strom (und laden alle Akkus), denn:

Irene was expected make a direct hit on the Connecticut shoreline Sunday afternoon with drenching rains, hurricane-force winds and high tides, then possibly cut a path through the state. According to Fox CT meteorologist Geoff Fox, the damage is likely to include downed trees and power lines, and flooding, but it could also be much worse.

“On Sunday night I expect much of the state to be without power,” Fox said. “It’s difficult for me to see a scenario where we are not significantly impacted by Irene.”

“This is not just a coastal event,” Read said. Well inland, falling trees will bring down power lines and bring “power outages that could be days or longer,” Read said.

The Connecticut Light & Power Co. issued a warning that power could be out to some customers for a week or more.

…schreibt der Hartford Currant.

Gestern Abend waren wir in Madison und während Molly im Madison Beach Club Harfe spielte radelte ich die Küste entlang. Ich hab nur ein “boarded up” Haus direkt am Strand gesehen, aber ziemlich viele Häuser hatten schon Sperrholz in ihre Einfahrten liegen um sich zu verbarrikadieren:

Boarded up House prior to Hurricane Irene, Middle Beach Rd, Madison, CT

Boarded up House prior to Hurricane Irene, Middle Beach Rd, Madison, CT

Im Beachclub ist innerhalb der letzten zwei Tagen die Anzahl der Segelboote von über 30 auf zwei geschrumpft, aber die Party am Strand war gestern abend dafür bei Windstille und keinerlei Wellen umso ausgelassener.

Solange das Internet tut werde ich Twittern/Facebooken/G+’en…, so, find me there…


This is a theme park

This gallery contains 19 photos.

I’ve been in Connecticut for a little over a week now, cycling about the little towns and villages in the area, always with my camera. On first sight, this area looks like an 18th century theme park if it wasn’t … Continue reading