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Irene, the Aftermath I: Quick update

Irene has passed. Nothing happened here. A couple of downed trees. Lots of water. I basically slept through the whole storm. By 6am yesterday, the power had gone down and hasn’t come back yet. In Europe, I have never (!)experienced a power outager that long. Dear American power companies: How about putting powerlines underground at least in Hurricane-prone areas? Half the state is without power, apparently 1 million New Yorkers do not have power either.

Since I do not have US-simcards for my smartphones (another long rant some other day), I was basically completely offline. We spent yesterday afternoon driving around mostly deserted roads, with the occasional downed tree or powerline blocking it. There was mostly no wind whatsoever. Only little rain. I’ll be blogging photos later. Nothing all that spectacular though.

We still don’t have power in Centerbrook, but Main Street in Old Saybrook is back on the grid. We’ve been camping out at Starbucks for about two hours now, recharging batteries on all kinds of devices. People are standing in line out to the curb and have been doing so since the store opened. Starbucks is packed with people recharging iPhones and Laptops, having their first coffee since Saturday.

Now that more or less everything is charged, we will pack up and drive East, out of disaster struck Connecticut to Rhode Island, go sightseeing. Hoping that power and hot water will be working when we get back into town.

Preparing for Irene: Shopping

So, we spent the day preparing for Irene.

– Checking weather updates regularily: We had decided that we would stay put unless we’d be getting evacuation notices.

– Pack emergency kits. Ready.gov has neat lists of most stuff that might come in handy

– Get stuff around the house secured.

– Find a safe parking spot for the car (no trees, no powerlines, no water that could block a quick exit).

– Get gas!

– Go shopping. The three stores we hit: Walmart (for everything), Grocery store (better groceries, get rid of depositable bottles etc), Hardware store (wonderland and grownup-kids’ fav. playground;-)

– Fill all sealable containers with tap water and freeze as many as possible

– Prepare cold foods such as burritos

– Charge batteries of all electronic devices

– Find out where shelters and hospitals are

The fun thing at WalMart (besides these) is:

WalMart, of all stores, was basically sold out of everything important: Bottled waster, peanut butter, unscented candles, generators, bread, toast,  duct tape, batteries, canned soup:

It’s not like the earthquake a couple of days ago, which came totally unexpected. Everybody has been talking about Irene for days. I would have expected slightly better logistics and planning from a global retailer like WalMart.

One of the few things nobody seemes to be buying, for obvious reasons: pink sausages:

So, we’re done with that now. Nothing remains besides waiting. Right now, there is no wind, no rain. It rained a little earlier today though.

Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Seit drei Tagen redet/schreibt alles nur noch über Hurricane Irene (hier der Tracker der NYTimes). New York evakuiert 350.000 Menschen, Donnerstag Nacht wurde auch in Connecticut der Ausnahmezustand erklärt (ich muss noch rausfinden was genau das bedeutet;-), und die Medien sind voller Berichte über ausverkaufte Läden.

So wie es im Moment aussieht wird Irene genau über uns hinwegziehen. Ich hab noch nie einen Hurrican erlebt, bin aber bisher noch ganz relaxed. Wir gehen, wenn die Regierung sagt wir sollten vielleicht besser evakuieren, aber bis auf Weiteres bleiben wir erstmal in Centerbrook. Das Gebäude nebenan ist aus Backstein und stabil, sollte es also schlimm werden dann gehen wir einfach rüber. Mollys Harfe haben wir dort schon untergebracht. Ihre Wohnung hier hat nur billige Holzwände und viel zu viele Fenster.

Jetzt gehen wir erstmal einkaufen, Benzin, Essen, Taschenlampen, Wasserflaschen, vielleicht nen Gaskocher.

Wir planen auf jeden Fall für eine Weile ohne Strom (und laden alle Akkus), denn:

Irene was expected make a direct hit on the Connecticut shoreline Sunday afternoon with drenching rains, hurricane-force winds and high tides, then possibly cut a path through the state. According to Fox CT meteorologist Geoff Fox, the damage is likely to include downed trees and power lines, and flooding, but it could also be much worse.

“On Sunday night I expect much of the state to be without power,” Fox said. “It’s difficult for me to see a scenario where we are not significantly impacted by Irene.”

“This is not just a coastal event,” Read said. Well inland, falling trees will bring down power lines and bring “power outages that could be days or longer,” Read said.

The Connecticut Light & Power Co. issued a warning that power could be out to some customers for a week or more.

…schreibt der Hartford Currant.

Gestern Abend waren wir in Madison und während Molly im Madison Beach Club Harfe spielte radelte ich die Küste entlang. Ich hab nur ein “boarded up” Haus direkt am Strand gesehen, aber ziemlich viele Häuser hatten schon Sperrholz in ihre Einfahrten liegen um sich zu verbarrikadieren:

Boarded up House prior to Hurricane Irene, Middle Beach Rd, Madison, CT

Boarded up House prior to Hurricane Irene, Middle Beach Rd, Madison, CT

Im Beachclub ist innerhalb der letzten zwei Tagen die Anzahl der Segelboote von über 30 auf zwei geschrumpft, aber die Party am Strand war gestern abend dafür bei Windstille und keinerlei Wellen umso ausgelassener.

Solange das Internet tut werde ich Twittern/Facebooken/G+’en…, so, find me there…