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Irene, the Aftermath III

there is still no power, no warm water, no gas. I am back at the Starbucks in Old Saybrook. OSB’s Main Street still seems to be the only place that has power.

Yesterdasy, Gas stations around here were either out of Gas or did not have power to work the pumps. We were almost in Rhode Island until we found a Gas Station that was open.

The weather is perfect. I’d guess about 25°C, sunshine, no wind whatsoever. At night, everything is pitch black. No electrical lights. Perfect for stargazing. And it is really calm. We are adapting to getting up and going to sleep with the sun, it seems.

Nobody knows how long it’ll take till power is back up.

We should have bought a camping gas stove or sth. I’m dying for homemade coffee and real food.

Most of the ice in the fridge has melted by now. Stuff starts to go bad. Nobody’s selling refgigerated goods anyway. So soon we ll be eating crackers, bread and fastfood only.

Sorry, still no pictures. I need to find the time to sort them.


Irene, the Aftermath II

We’re still without power. Nice (or depressing?) map for Connectitut by Connecticut Light & Power here.

Right now we are in Newport, Rhode Island. Except for branches and leaves on the sidewalks, everything looks very normal here.

Apparently, Madisons Beach Club (Artikel) still exists, but the beach and the lawn are gone.

Preparing for Irene: Shopping

So, we spent the day preparing for Irene.

– Checking weather updates regularily: We had decided that we would stay put unless we’d be getting evacuation notices.

– Pack emergency kits. Ready.gov has neat lists of most stuff that might come in handy

– Get stuff around the house secured.

– Find a safe parking spot for the car (no trees, no powerlines, no water that could block a quick exit).

– Get gas!

– Go shopping. The three stores we hit: Walmart (for everything), Grocery store (better groceries, get rid of depositable bottles etc), Hardware store (wonderland and grownup-kids’ fav. playground;-)

– Fill all sealable containers with tap water and freeze as many as possible

– Prepare cold foods such as burritos

– Charge batteries of all electronic devices

– Find out where shelters and hospitals are

The fun thing at WalMart (besides these) is:

WalMart, of all stores, was basically sold out of everything important: Bottled waster, peanut butter, unscented candles, generators, bread, toast,  duct tape, batteries, canned soup:

It’s not like the earthquake a couple of days ago, which came totally unexpected. Everybody has been talking about Irene for days. I would have expected slightly better logistics and planning from a global retailer like WalMart.

One of the few things nobody seemes to be buying, for obvious reasons: pink sausages:

So, we’re done with that now. Nothing remains besides waiting. Right now, there is no wind, no rain. It rained a little earlier today though.