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Art Week in Basel: Schaulager Satellite and Herzog & deMeuron construction

Architecture aficionados will find the Messeplatz of this weeks Art Basel to be a special treat. Walking from Downtown Basel towards Messe they will see a new, somewhat organic-looking shape crossing what used to be the open Messeplatz underneath the Messeturm:

It is the new Messe add-on by Basels most prestigious architecture firm Herzog & deMeuron. It is still under construction, but already looking amazing.
Crossing underneath it onto the still open part of Messeplatz, they will see another Herzog & deMeuron construction, Schaulagers temporary ‘Satellite’, which shows off some pieces of Schaulagers amazing collection of contemporary art and videos about the concept and history of Schaulager, which are really interesting.
I have blogged a picture of this a couple days ago, but here is another one from above, taken from the 30th floor of Messeturm:


Foto der Woche: Art|40|Basel

Die alljährliche große Kunstwoche in Basel ist schon wieder eine ganze Woche vorbei, irgendwann gibts noch einen richtigen Psot dazu, aber hier erstmal ein schönes Bild beim Sonnenuntergang über den Messehallen der Art Basel.

Messeplatz, Art Basel

Messeplatz, Art|40|Basel