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Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath IV: Photos, finally, part two

Whereas in the first post today I uploaded images about the live without power in Connecticut, the following images are the few fallen trees,  downed power lines and flooded streets we encountered while driving around these last days.

Hurricane Irene, the Aftermath IV: Photos, finally, part one

We’re still without power. The ice in the freezer has melted away and our food is going bad. I could use some fresh laundry and a shower. Starbucks in Old Saybrook is online and as stuffed with people charging mobile Apple devices as usual. I do not like hanging out at Starbucks too much, so I’m just uploading a bunch of pictures now without editing them. The rumor is that power wont be back for at least another four days.

We moved to a house with a gas stove (and a pool!). At least we can cook now. It is a lot farther from this haven of connectivity, though, so it might be a while until I am back online.


The rumor at Starbucks in OSB is that it’ll be another 4 days (four days!!!!) until power is restored around here. This is insane. I’ve never ever been without power for that long. So, we’re thinking that we might just … Continue reading

Irene, the Aftermath III

there is still no power, no warm water, no gas. I am back at the Starbucks in Old Saybrook. OSB’s Main Street still seems to be the only place that has power.

Yesterdasy, Gas stations around here were either out of Gas or did not have power to work the pumps. We were almost in Rhode Island until we found a Gas Station that was open.

The weather is perfect. I’d guess about 25°C, sunshine, no wind whatsoever. At night, everything is pitch black. No electrical lights. Perfect for stargazing. And it is really calm. We are adapting to getting up and going to sleep with the sun, it seems.

Nobody knows how long it’ll take till power is back up.

We should have bought a camping gas stove or sth. I’m dying for homemade coffee and real food.

Most of the ice in the fridge has melted by now. Stuff starts to go bad. Nobody’s selling refgigerated goods anyway. So soon we ll be eating crackers, bread and fastfood only.

Sorry, still no pictures. I need to find the time to sort them.


Irene, the Aftermath II

We’re still without power. Nice (or depressing?) map for Connectitut by Connecticut Light & Power here.

Right now we are in Newport, Rhode Island. Except for branches and leaves on the sidewalks, everything looks very normal here.

Apparently, Madisons Beach Club (Artikel) still exists, but the beach and the lawn are gone.