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Souvenirs: Schwarzwälder Schinken

A postcard for Scott Blake. 90g of organic Black Forest Ham made in and sent from Freiburg. “Souvenirs” is an ongoing series of sending typical regional things somewhere else.
Surprisingly, the ham made it thru customs. Scott posted a photo in his Flickr-Stream.

A postcard made from Black Forest Ham send to Scott Blake

A postcard made from Black Forest Ham send to Scott Blake.

Postkarten aus den USA: Sue likes chocolate I

Sue likes choclate from Europe. Spontaneously I sent her a Hanuta. Apparently, USPS-staff do, too, because it never arrived. Well, it might have been the improvised labelling, too;-)

Postkarten aus den USA: One Cent is missing

Mollys Parents and her Granny are sending her lots of Postcards. Every time either one of us goes to the Post Office to check mail and she has gotten a new one, the nice clerk keeps reminding us, that postage for postcards is 29 Cents these days, not 28. And sells us another one Cent stamp, which he carefully sticks on the Postcard before he hands it over.

I love one Cent stamps. But that is another blog post. Anyway, I bought a couple of sheets of one Cent stamps (they had to order them first. Apparently nobody else ever buys a hundred of them at once;-) and made a Postcard for Molly’s Granny:

The USPS also sells so called Forever Stamps. They can still be used although postage for a specific product might have risen in the meantime. I still have some i bought in 2001 (I forgot how much i payed, though).