Group Show: Kunst auf Abwegen in Nagold

I was invited by Gewerbeverein Nagold to participate in the bi-yearly exhibition “Kunst auf Abwegen” in Nagold. I will be showing my “Winchester Arms”  photo series in the offices of Uwe Cordes at Moltkestr 26, Nagold (Map).

The opening will be on Thursday, Sept. 26 at Alte Seminarturnhalle,  Lange Str. 5,  Nagold (Map) at 7pm. I will be there and would be delighted to see you. The exhibitions will be open until Oct. 13th.

Below is an overview of the other exhibitions and the catalogue. The following artists will also be exhibiting: Thomas Brotzler, Daniel Dumitrache, Peter Franck, Wolfgang Fritz,  Christian Hof, Matthias Keller, Martin Leuze, Dietmar Petzold, Jan Hendrik Pelz, Christian Pilz, Marianne Ranftl, Marja Scholten-Reniers, Henning Schwarz, Susanna Taras, Heidemarie Ziebandt, Rainer Zimmermann.

Overview, Kusnt auf Abwegen (click to enlarge)

Overview, Kunst auf Abwegen (click to enlarge)

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