The Leather Man

Somewhere on the road from Centerbrook to Deep River, I guess on the Rattling Valley Road, I came by the sign pictured beneath. At first, I found it to be funny and thought it referred to my favorite tool (also on the picture), but then I found the story about the Connecticut Leather Man. Which is a really interesting story in itself…

One thing that has been annoying me for a while now seems worth mentioning here:

Last year I upgraded from a Leatherman PST (Which I had brought back from the US in 2001) to a Leatherman Wave. Surprisingly, the quite expensive black “military issue” Leatherman came in a cheap shitty nylon sheath. The point of the whole coloring-the-leatherman-black (besides it looking cool) is to reduce reflections when one is crouching in the bushes waiting to ambush someone. Or so. At least, that is how it’s advertized. My almost ten year old worn out leather sheath which I had gotten with the original Leatherman could be opened silently. The new nylon sheath is closed with velcro which, even when worn out (should it withstand being worn daily for ten years) will never ever be opening silently.

So what’s the point, dear Leatherman Tool Group Inc?

Oh, yes! You ARE selling Leather sheath for Waves. You just want me to fork out another 10 Bucks or so. Well, no! Thank you. Luckily, my PSTs sheath is so worn out that the Wave fits quite so…

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